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There is a lot of health and diet information out today.  You can easily find a personal trainer, nutritionist, or health coach talking about it, but rates of disease are rising. What used to be called Adult Onset Diabetes is now called Type II diabetes because so many of our children are suffering from it.  Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, MS, some truly debilitating diseases are becoming commonplace yet we know more now than we ever have about disease states.

Why are getting sicker still?

It’s obviously not simple, as most results are due to a combination of factors, but from the standpoint of our physical body (and it’s absurd to expect our emotional and spiritual bodies don’t play a part) there are three keys we can start with to establish and maintain lifelong health.

1. Walk and do mobility drills every day.

 Try to vary the distances and terrains you walk on.  Don’t park in the same spot every day. Mix it up a little and walk on the grass as well as the sidewalk.  Take longer walks when you can.

2. Do heavy compound movements 2x a week.

 Heavy is relative.  If you can’t lift your bodyweight with proper form, start there.  If you’re knocking out pistol squats and one-arm pushups, maybe grab a kettlebell.  But lift multi-joint and total body movements at least twice a week.

3. Follow a spare diet.  

I’m not telling you to starve yourself.  You shouldn’t feel depleted or irritable, but the healthiest people in the world work hard, rest hard, and follow a spare diet.  We need to start thinking of food as fuel, not eating so much that we can’t move, but recognizing that if we want to be lean and fit, we need to eat lean and fit.

I know this is simplistic, but it’s important to master the basics.  Start here. If these three points are easy, it’s time to step it up. But this is where we start!

Marannie R.P. Bauer is Chief Director of Confidence for NLTN Holistic Personal Training, a Natural Movement Fitness studio offering Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Health Coaching in New Haven, CT.