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I'm Marannie. A Coach & Teacher Holding Space for Your Growth.

The barrage of stressors is overwhelming.  You have found this page to escape that.  You are entering an environment where we believe engagement in activities has value simply because it brings us joy, rather than because it’s going to get us closer to some goal.

Goals, of course, are important, but only  because they provide us with a plan and benchmarks for feedback about the efficacy of that plan.

Goals can motivate, but they don’t give that deep sense of purpose, intrinsically motivated. 

If you have the motivation, I have the plan.  Keep reading…


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the plan

Fitness Training App

We use a third-party app which you can download right to your phone or tablet or access via laptop or desktop no matter where you are. This enables uninterrupted support with daily workouts designed by your coach just for you.  No pre-fab one-size-fits-all programming.

Daily Training Sessions

Based on the information you give in your consultation and questionnaire, we design a program that is customized to you, for you.  Every day our app sends you an email with your plan whether that’s cardio, resistance training, a rest day, or more.  Combined with notes from your coach and video tutorials, you’re supported the whole way.

NutriTon Integration

The app integrates with Your Fitness Pal, so you can stay on top of your nutrition (if that’s something we find necessary based on your intake) as well as your movement.

Goals monitoring

No, having a goal isn’t the whole picture, but it’s part of the picture.  By setting appropriate goals (with which we help), monitoring your progress toward those goals (which we track in the app), and re-evaluating regularly, you get and stay on the right track for you.

Live Contact

We check in regularly with you via the app but also through text, email, and pre-booked sessions if you’re struggling.  You have the motivation, but we have the accountability.  And that makes for an unstoppable team.  This is an interactive, ongoing collaboration.

video instruction

Sometimes you might feel like having a set appointment would help your accountability.  You might already know that about yourself.   Well, we record weekly live fitness instruction which you can join in on (additional charge) or access via the recording (included) if participation in these sessions is appropriate for your program.

Private session add-on

You may already know, or you may come to find that you’d really benefit from having a standing or occasional live session with your coach.  No problem; we can do that.  For an additional cost, we offer Coaching sessions to help you get your head right and Fitness sessions to help you push a little hard, work a little deeper, or explore a little further than you would on your own.

program updates

While you report back on each session through the app, we follow up with you.  Your program is updated weekly -to- monthly based on your needs and success rate.  If you’re struggling, we adjust.  If you’re killing it, we adjust.  The programming changes as you do.  That’s the benefit of having a coach monitoring your program rather than a one-size fits-all online training approach.

The Process

Intro Call

I generally like to know who I’m working with before I hire them.  You too? We start with a 15-minute intro call.


If you like the vibe on the call, the consultation is next.  You ask more questions, we watch you move.  Perfect start!


Now, the fun.  We build your program.  Days on, days off.  Types of movements.  Frequency, Duration, Fun!


Even the best plan only works with adherence.  Follow and we’re right behind you.  Don’t and we’re right on you!

Ready to Make Your Plan Come to Life?

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About Me

Hello! I’m Marannie. I’ve Been Coaching for over 15 Years

My journey started as most personal trainers do, at a box gym.  After a few years I grew weary of it and progressed to a center for preventative medicine where trainers were part of a much more comprehensive wellness program.  As a devoted learner, I dove into the world of nutrition as a health coach before finding Natural Movement Fitness and Reiki.  These elements form the foundation for how I reach and coach my clients.

Years of Experience

Different Certifications

Oldest Client


  • NYC Half Marathon
  • Tough Mudder
  • Paris/Versailles La Grande Classique
  • Rock the Gauntlet
  • Run the Gauntlet
  • Vino and the Beasts


  • [CSCS] Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • [CPT] Certified Personal Trainer
  • [MCT] MovNat L2 Trainer
  • Kettlebell Athletics
  • more more more…


  • Best of Elm City Personal Trainer
  • Fight for Air Climb Fastest Team
  • Fight for Air Climb Largest Team 
  • Featured in CT Voice
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month-to-month and 6-month programs available
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