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Define your Picture of Health

In the U.S. we spent an average of $10k in 2017 on healthcare per person. Did you ever wonder why we’re so sick with all this spending? At NLTN we think maybe it’s just a matter of approach.  As we round the bend toward winter and New Year’s Resolutions, this year take a different approach.  Draw a picture of what health means to you and establish action steps to get you there.

It all starts with a picture

If you know what you want, it’s more likely that you can get there.  Bring the awareness inward and uncover what you truly want for yourself.  Then, uncover what is in excess and what is lacking in your life and make balanced change.  Finally, track your progress so you know what works and what needs to change.

Drawing up an individualized picture of health can be tough.  We know how much mis-information exists out there.  So, we invite you to start with a diagnostic consultation.

Diagnostic Consultations are totally individualized to you, your goals, and your budget.  Meet with our programming director to design your unique Picture Of Health.  Consultations can be gifted or not.  It’s up to you.

Each session is tailored specifically for the participant and includes an evaluation, goal setting, and lifestyle intake.  We’ll take the time to establish what areas of life constitute your ideal life.  Then, based on your own budget and what you decide your picture of health looks like, we’ll provide recommendations and a plan.

Components of your Picture of Health can Include:

  • Stress Management
  • Physical Movement
  • Meaningful Career
  • Exposure to Nature
  • Financial Wellness
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Positive Mindset
  • Goal-Planning
  • Play
  • Joy
  • Weight-Loss
  • Pain Management
  • Supportive Relationships

Give us a call (203.745.0214), send a text, or leave a message so we know how to best serve your goals.

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