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What Clients Have to Say About Personal Training with NLTN

As a private personal training studio which also offers small group training, classes, and workshops we love finding reasons to highlight members who might not cross paths with one another.  It’s hard to set goals and even harder to reach them, so every month we take the time to celebrate one of our studio members who applies what they learn in sessions to their every day life.  These members are mindful about their natural movement practice, take time to workout at home, and make an active effort to reach their goals by getting stronger, decreasing pain or simply feeling better in their body by being mindful of bringing the natural movement patterns we train in the studio into their every day lives.

We hope you find inspiration and motivation in what they have to say about their journeys and personal training with NLTN (formerly Elm City Coach):


Personal Training in New Haven CT

Jess Boland, Client Success Story:

“When I first started training I hadn’t worked out in a few years. I was at a point where I needed a change but wasn’t sure where to start. I did know that a traditional gym setting wasn’t going to keep me motivated, and I wanted to go somewhere that looked at the health of the whole body and not just individual things like muscle composition.

After the last year of coming to NLTN (formerly Elm City Coach) I feel stronger, healthier, and I have more energy. I feel more confident in my own skin and I progressed to a point where I can work out barefoot. I didn’t realize how weak my ankles were and how much I relied on the physical support of shoes until I started attempting to workout without them. What I enjoy most though, is a change in mindset. I’ve started to see movement as a satisfaction, a way to feel more human and less of a chore.

What’s nice about working with a coach is you have someone to keep you accountable to yourself. If I had attempted to find a way to a healthier me on my own I would have given up at the enormity of the task. I don’t know enough about how the body is supposed to move or connect, or how your mental health and diet interact with your physical health. But working with someone who knows these things gives me the confidence to keep going and little by little become the better person that I want to be.
Working with a personal trainer might not be what I was looking for when I first started my journey to better health, but it has certainly paid off. For anyone who’s considering working with a personal trainer, I can only say it’s been extremely beneficial to me, and that you will get more out of it than attempting to find your way to health on your own.”

Kica Matos, Client Success Story:

Why did you start working with NLTN?

“My trainer of many years let me know he would be leaving New Haven in the summer of 2018, and it propelled me to look for a new trainer. I was quite clear in my mind about what I was looking for: a trainer who would push me to be my best and strongest self; someone who had an approach to fitness that included mind, nutrition and body, at a gym/studio that was culturally competent and diverse. I found all of these things at NLTN.”

What results have you seen since working with NLTN?

“I am a social justice advocate and my work – especially in the climate we are in – is highly stressful. When I feel physically and mentally strong, it makes me a better, more fearless advocate. Since working with NLTN, I have noticed that my agility has improved greatly, my energy levels are really high, and because of changes in my diet and the workouts that I get with Marannie, my physique has changed for the better.”

What do you like best about working with a personal trainer?

“The intensity, the focus, the attention to technique and the ability to really measure my progress. I tease Marannie that she is like a velvet hammer – she works hard with you, encouraging you to be your best. She focuses not just on the physical but also has the emotional intelligence to check in on the personal and professional at critical moments. She pays attention to detail and every workout is carefully designed. She is also a lot of fun to train with and even when she is kicking my ass (in the best way possible) I find myself really enjoying the workout– even when I am drenched in sweat and really pushing hard, there are moments of levity and laughter.”

What would you say to someone considering working with a personal trainer?

“DO IT! Women in particular have a bad habit of sacrificing self-care for other things that might pop up in our lives –  related to family, work, or relationships. The bottom line is that our health and well being are fundamental to how we show up in every dimension of our lives – including the personal, professional and spiritual. Having a personal trainer is not something that I consider a luxury but instead a necessity.”

Katie Trumpener, Client Success Story:

“At the beginning I found it very overwhelming; over time, it has come to seem routine to exercise regularly, think about my eating more carefully, seek out opportunities in daily life to practice and extend what we do in the studio. (If I have to wait for the bus, I frequently practice balance-beam walking back and forth on a crack in the sidewalk…)

I’m feeling fitter and stronger than ever before–and not ready to stop!  (I NEVER thought I’d look forward to chances to shovel snow!) More and more of the exercises now seem like they are kind of… fun?!

I have middle-aged knees–but they can do more bending and squatting and weight-bearing than I would have thought possible. I’m able to lift heavier weights now. But above all, I think my balance and coordination and posture and stamina are constantly improving–which seems crucial in everyday life.

So: don’t be afraid to plunge in and try things that are new and hard. You can do them, with Marannie’s expert guidance, patient help, encouragement and tough love!”

Emma Banay, Client Success Story:

“I’ve been working with Elm City Coach for about a year.  I began because I was really hoping to incorporate more movement into my life.  I commute into NYC by train 4 days a week and work mostly in an office and was struggling, feeling like I wasn’t as active as I’d like and falling into unhealthy habits (big snacks on the train, for example).  By working with a coach, I was hoping to get some help finding ways to incorporate more exercise into my routine and feel more active and healthy.

Since working with Elm City Coach, I’ve become much more active and have found a routine and consistency to exercising and being active that I haven’t really ever been able to achieve before.  Exercise is now a routine part of my week and I don’t dread exercise.  Being more in shape has also made the exercise I’m naturally more interested in (walking, hiking, gardening, biking) more enjoyable.

(Emma has lost 49bs and 20% bodyfat since starting with us 10 months ago)

I’ve definitely still struggled with some less healthy eating habits and days where I wasn’t motivated to keep up with the exercise.  Small things kept me motivated: I liked having a short “warm up” routine that I did everyday that helped me feel like I was doing something, keeping active, and taking care of my body, even on days when I didn’t do a longer exercise routine.  I did log and exercise my food during the most intense times of my weight loss, which — because I like crossing things off a to-do list 🙂 — kept me motivated!  Finding things I liked to do that contributed towards my journey (long walks for exercise, running outside when the weather was nice, cooking new recipes) helped keep me invested.

A big benefit is now I feel less self-conscious about being active; I feel more like someone who enjoys being active, knows what kinds of exercise feel fun and fulfilling to me, and how to work them into my everyday routine so they don’t feel like a drag.  I’m excited to keep learning now that I’m in a more “maintenance” phase, developing a sense of intuition and trust in my physical activity and healthy eating.”

Sabrina Lombardi, Client Success Story:

“When I began four years ago, I was in a lot of physical pain and couldn’t carry my 20 lb child without my back aching, and change didn’t feel tenable. I’ve come a long way and I’m really proud of what my body can do now. Training for a new obstacle course challenge or 10K race feels doable. I live in greater possibility. My body is more resilient as well – to illness, and to everyday life movement challenges such as shoveling snow or traveling with a kid and a carseat and luggage to boot. But the greatest gains feel like developing greater awareness of my needs and my abilities and the willingness to let go of expectations and advocate for what feels best for me – be it rest, self-care, a greater challenge, time off, or permission not to help carry the Christmas tree into the house if I think I might injure myself.

Julianne Kaphar, Client Success Story:

“When I started 2 years ago, I was hardly able to hang from a bar, let alone pull myself up. Now, not only can I do pull-ups, but I can also bring my feet up to the bar into a foot pinch! It is also fun to be able to safely do things like forward rolls, and to lift and carry weights. I apply all the principles I learn in class to daily life- for example, I no longer need to get help to get the 40 lb. bag of dog food into the house without injuring my back!

I most appreciate the small class size, the tailored individualized programming, and the emphasis on natural movement. Sessions are fun, challenging, and supportive. Marannie has expertise and experience working with all types of bodies in all different conditions, so I am confident that my program is moving me forward in the ways that I most need.

There are many different types of gyms and movement practices to choose from, but I have found my time at ECC to be the most motivating, practical, and enjoyable of all the classes and gyms I have been to.  When working out is fun and challenging, it is so much more motivating! It really makes a difference.”

Linda Altieri, Client Success Story:

“I wanted to work with a personal trainer who was knowledgeable about her profession, one who would make it fun and not work, make me want to come to class (and be upset when I couldn’t), and most importantly treat me as an individual and not as a routine. I am stronger, my back is stronger and I have become more aware of my movements in every day life.  I now know how to better move, sit and stand to help my overall well being.

What I like best about having a coach is that I love the personal interaction. I am working with someone, not with machines and weights. My personal trainer cares about me!”

Cary White, Client Success Story:

“I first decided to start working with a trainer about a year into my first real job since finishing school. After playing a number of sports while growing up, I found myself spending most of my days sitting at my cubicle and becoming more and more stiff in my back and neck. I discovered the MovNat and Parkour communities online and was instantly hooked. I tried teaching myself from online videos, but eventually decided that I would progress much faster and have more fun if I could train with other people.

After four months, I feel stronger and more confident in my movement abilities. I have a much clearer sense of my personal strengths and weaknesses and what I need to do to improve my overall movement efficiency. I have also been having a blast moving my body in different ways and am more motivated to practice fun and creative workouts.

Having a coach gives me a great motivation to keep up with my movement practice and has helped connect me to a broader community of like-minded people in my city. I also really appreciate having someone who is knowledgeable about fitness and body mechanics and can indulge my curiosity in these areas.

Working with a trainer is a true learning experience. By being encouraged to move in ways that you may not have considered on your own, you will get to know your body better and become better at personalizing your own workouts and movement practices.”

Amelia Kennedy, Client Success Story:

“After several years of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, I finally decided to give personal training a try. I’d always been extremely active, playing sports, working outdoors with horses, and so on. But after beginning grad school 5 years ago, I basically stopped moving–about the only exercise I got was walking to and from campus. I had less energy, whether for schoolwork or socializing. I still went hiking on occasional weekends, but I noticed I was way slower and sweatier than before. My family is super into the outdoors, and every year we do a backpacking trip–last August, we walked 17 miles of Kesugi Ridge in Alaska as an “easy day hike,” and I thought I would die.

I also had a couple of sports injuries in college, and even though they’re healed, I wanted to make sure I didn’t re-aggravate them. Finding the right gym and trainer was important to me so that I could push myself without risking injury.

My results so far: lower body fat! Better posture. More upper body strength: I can allllmost do a real pushup (for the first time in over a decade). I’m gaining a better understanding of form, and how I should lift heavy objects safely. Plus, I have more energy throughout the day, with less reliance on coffee.

There are a ton of reasons I love working out with a personal trainer. First, accountability. I’m held accountable not only for my sessions in the gym, but also for homework in between sessions and nutrition. Second, personalization. Marannie started me out with an evaluation and movement screen. My workout program is targeted not only to make me stronger overall, but also to address imbalances and limitations. We’ve been working to strengthen my ankles and increase mobility in my hips, for example. Third, challenge! Each workout has something new and engaging to try out, whether balancing, crawling, or lifting. I tend to work a lot harder with a coach than when I’m left to my own devices.

The MovNat program at Elm City Coach is very well thought-out and keeps me moving forward, learning new skills, and adapting to new challenges.  I feel much stronger than I did even a month ago and am continually setting more ambitious goals.

Elm City Coach is my first experience with personal training, and it’s been fantastic! I always leave the gym feeling inspired to continue incorporating more movement into my life.”

Emma Banay, Client Success Story:

“I decided the start working with a personal trainer to try and find ways to reincorporate movement and exercise into my daily routine.  With a long daily commute (into New York City and back most days per week), I was struggling to find ways to stay active that didn’t feel like they were “cutting into” my limited free time.  I also struggled with snacking during the commute, and wanted more accountability with my eating habits.

I’ve definitely had a huge change in my weekly exercise routine.  Running, circuits, biking, and walking are all a much more consistent part of my week.  I find opportunities throughout the work day for small bursts of exercise, prioritize exercise and outside activities during my free time, and am paying much more attention to my eating habits.  I’m excited to have lost about 20 pounds and am proud of changes in my strength and ability — being able to run for longer, take on a challenging hike, or fit into old clothes feels great!

I like having someone who I can check in with about my workout routines, eating plan, and exercise progress.  I also appreciate having the new monthly program to work on.  It’s nice to know that I have a routine tailored to my needs and progress that I have a full month to master and work on.

Working with Elm City Coach has really helped me realize and verbalize my health and fitness goals.  After realizing what those are, Elm City Coach has given me tools to accomplish them and helped me remain accountable to them.  It’s been really gratifying to have a coach guide my progress by suggesting strategies, checking in, and encouraging me!”

Sarah Olivier, Client Success Story:

“I needed to be more careful with exercises and wanted a routine that was also corrective/therapeutic. I have better coordination, improved movement awareness, and self-care. What I like best is the professionalism and camaraderie of the coaches. I appreciate their knowledge. Having a coach helps you change the mindset regarding working out in order to achieve goals and decrease the risk of injuries.”

Yvonne Dobbelmann, Client Success Story:

“I have definitely gained strength. What I’ve noticed and appreciated is that my body and mind are busy with learning skills and reaching for higher level challenges rather than strictly looking at the weight or band I’m working with.

What I like best is the whole set up that Marannie and her team have put together as well as the thought process behind it. We can also offer our thoughts/ideas and can ask any question in the world and Marannie will take it into consideration or explain why things are a certain way. I also love the community…there is much to learn from each other and laugh about.

It is a very personal, individualized way of working out yet one gets the benefit of a personal trainer as well as a group environment. You will feel challenged in ways you never thought you would be, sometimes by even the simplest task, because we likely haven’t done that kind of movement in many, many years.”

Shelby Phipps, Client Success Story:

“I’ve have lost 25 pounds!  I’m gaining a real sense of nutritional balance in my life, and I like being a part of the community. The best thing is the personalized attention you get as a client. If you’re on the fence about working out with a personal trainer I’d say, ‘at least try it for a short period of time, especially if you’re hard to self-motivate’. ”