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Do you Feel Heard?

When was the last time you felt truly heard when expressing your health and wellness goals? If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably been tossed around the healthcare system and the fitness industry, form fad diet to miracle medication to “no pain no gain” workouts till you burnt out. We spent an average of $10,000 dollars per capita on wellness in 2017 in the United States. So forgive me for asking, where’s the health? 40% of the population is still obese and the U.S. ranks 50th in average life expectancy in the world. Maybe we just aren’t spending enough, but I have to believe that the answer lies in something else. Something fundamental in the way we perceive medicine and the way we treat illness. Maybe we spend so much time masking symptoms that we have forgotten how to listen to our bodies and truly treat disease.

Dig Deep

If you really dig deep, how many people that you know are not on a medication for something, whether it is a mood stabilizer, a beta-blocker, or an allergy medicine? There’s nothing wrong with using western medicine. It saves lives. But I am a firm believer that western medicine should treat acute flare-ups of conditions that we otherwise manage on a day-to-day basis with eastern medicine.

Western, or allopathic, medicine asks, “how do I stop this symptom.” Eastern, or alternative, medicine asks “what is the underlying imbalance in my physiology that has caused this symptom and how can I remedy the root cause.” Alternative medicine is preventative, allopathic medicine is reactive. Our job is not to never use allopathic medicine it’s to never need allopathic medicine, but if we need it, use it!

Try a New Practice

Now, as we prepare to close another calendar year, is as good a time as any to try a new practice. Health is not linear, it’s spherical, encompassing all aspects of our lives.  Give acupuncture a go, try craniosacral therapy, invest in some essential oils, or go to a naturopath. Find practitioners who will listen to you and help you listen to your body. Keep a journal of how you feel afterwards. We already are investing in our health. Let’s do it the right way.


Marannie R.P. Bauer is Programming Director for NLTN, a holistic personal training studio offering Private Personal Training and Small Group Fitness in New Haven, CT.