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Call: (203) 745-0214

3-month program

Fall into Fitness with nearly 50% off standard pricing.

Program includes:

x2 goal setting sessions

x2 live weekly sessions

x1 prerecorded session/wk

access to private video library

access to private FB group

unlimited support

the whole program


Unparalleled coaching and fitness instruction from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

what you get

It’a hard enough to get the kids organized, your work sorted, and dinner on the table.  Don’t let exercise add more stress to your life.  Meet with us at pre-scheduled times or follow along with the recording.  We’ll meet you where you are.

fitness classes

Develop mobility and stability, balance, strength, coordination, motor control, and awareness in these group fitness sessions.


We program in line with the seasons, month by month, to enhance your ability to move efficiently with strength and grace, using a variety of different objects (bodyweight, balls, bells, bands, and more).

VIDEO archive

Follow along with pre-recorded fitness sessions assigned to you weekly.  

Fit your training sessions into your life.  Don’t live life around your workouts.


Goal Setting Sessions

When’s the last time you had the undivided attention of a wellness professional to help you set actionable steps toward reaching your goals?


Take the opportunity to get the support from one of our Health Coaches to evaluate patterns of behavior, set goals, and take actions to move yourself forward in whichever way you see fit.


It can be difficult to sort through the conflicting messages online and in the news.  We’re here to help you come to the right conclusions about your unique needs.





all sessions

Via Zoom

Fall Into Fitness