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Marannie Bauer

Reiki Master/Teacher

Manage Stress & Build Resiliency

Reiki Healing Sessions

Let us support you in healing yourself with the Reiki energy.  Live sessions guide you into a meditative state to reduce stress and build resiliency.

Reiki Practitioner Classes

Empower yourself with the Reiki healing energy in our Level I, II, or III Classes.  Learn to practice on yourself, friends, family and clients.

Reiki Is

Universal Life Energy.

A meditative healing art.

Reiki is a healing art with its roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things.

performed fully clothed.

safe and effective.

complementary to western medicine.

not a religion.

Lower Stress

Balance Chakras

Strengthen Immunity

Promote Health

What to expect
in a Reiki session?

A Reiki session can last anywhere from about 30-90 minutes long and can be performed in person or remote.  During a Reiki session, the client will rest comfortably seated or laying on their back.  Unlike massage therapy, a client is always fully clothed though comfortable clothing is recommended.  During the initial session prior to beginning, a discussion will take place describing the session to the client and discussing particular problems or issues they are experiencing. Light- or no- touch is used at specific locations on the body.

Are there contraindications to receiving Reiki?

Reiki is a wonderful complement to western medicine and supports the work you’re doing with your doctor.  It does not take the place of consulting with a medical professionall.  When in doubt, consult your physician.

Can I receive Reiki as treatment for COVID-19?

As a courtesy to any wellness practitioner, you should stay home if you have symptoms of Flu or any infectious disease.  Contact your primary care physician for guidance and testing.

Can you receive too much Reiki?

Your body will only take on as much reiki as it needs, but some cleansing responses are common and may require more time between treatments.  This should be discussed with your reiki practitioner.

What does Reiki feel like?

Healing is a different experience for everyone but receiving the Reiki energy is generally described as warmth, tingling, sense of contentment, or nothing at all.

Is there any physical contact?

There doesn’t need to be and it is your preference.  During the pandemic many practitioners have transitioned to remote sessions only and they work just as well as in-person sessions.  You do not need to be touched to receive the Reiki energy.  It is all around us.

About Me

My journey into self-discovery has been and continues to be a life-long pursuit.  Passionate about helping folks uncover their best selves through movement, method, and meditation, I combine natural movement fitness, holistic health coaching, and reiki healing practices to reach my clients where they are for the greatest and highest good.

I am married, with two young sons, living in New Haven, CT.  I enjoy travel, writing music, and learning new skills.  

Find Your Balance. Set Your Intention. Take a Leap. Reward Yourself.

If the current state of the world has you stressed out, you’re not alone. As a Reiki Master/Teacher it is my passion helping provide a relaxing environment where you can slip away, if even for a moment, and leave the world behind. I use guided meditation and help you set up a serene state to promote relaxation and stress reduction in this VIRTUAL relaxation session.

Why Wait Any Longer? Start  Your New Path Today.