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Are you unmotivated by hamster wheel gym environments?  Are you concerned any trainer you talk to is going to convince you to enter a powerlifting competition?  Do you feel disconnected from your body and unsure how to get your fitness where you want it, naturally and in a way that feels right to your unique body?  A holistic exercise program might be the answer you’re looking for. Our Attunement Session will help you highlight your goals and identify your needs to get you on the right track to happy, healthy, and fit.  Request yours here.

Change your Perception

When I first started observing my son’s, now 5 year old, movement I was captivated by the fact that he seemed still to move as if he was in fluid.  His head and arms floated through the air as they took in their surroundings, making sense of their new world. Just thinking about it encourages me to try moving as he did…When is the last time you looked at the room around you and observed all of the elements of each object before passing on to the next?  Try it. And notice how your head moves as you do.

I’m not saying that we should move through the world in such a dream-like state, the above is just an exercise in perception, but that’s what so often needs to change.  How often do you stop to notice the way you carry yourself? Do You. Move. Naturally?

Can you Move Naturally?

Can you sit in a deep squat like a toddler?  Can you bite your toes or crawl? Of course, some ideas are more ridiculous than others: what’s the benefit in bringing our toes to our mouths?  But what would you do if your grand baby’s bottle rolled under the couch. Could you crawl to it and get back up? Or if you needed to use a public restroom.  Could you squat? What about standing on one foot to put on your sock? These are natural human movements that we should all, in one variation or another, be able to perform.

What really, is Natural Human Movement?  

Imagine every movement pattern available to the human animal: walking, climbing, lifting, carrying, balancing, jumping, running, swimming, striking, throwing, catching, and crawling, now add in all the variations: jumping up, over, far, across, running uphill, downhill, sideways, climbing trees, walls, fences, carrying children, boxes, bags…then add different intensities: speed, endurance, power, and states of mind: afraid, confident, distracted…and you’re starting to get it.  Natural Human Movement is complex, because humans are complex. Change the object and the technique changes. Change the environment and the complexity changes. So now moving naturally becomes not only a trait but a practice. Do you move naturally, ie. Do you train your body to practice all the movements it was designed to do? If you don’t, you should, because it’s what we were designed to do, and without a fully functional body we aren’t living fully functional lives.

Marannie R.P. Bauer is Director of Intuitive Fitness for NLTN a Holistic Personal Training studio offering Private and Semi-Private Personal Training in New Haven, CT.