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It can be intimidating to start a new fitness routine.  You’re already uncomfortable in your body and walking into most gyms feels like you’re put on display.  Our introductory Attunement Session is designed to give you the privacy and comfort of meeting with a trusted advisor.  Schedule yours today.

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Your Attunement Session includes:

By consolidating all the elements of a training program into a single 90-minute session we are able to give you an overview of what training at NLTN involves.


  • A Consultation

Discuss and get clarity on your health and fitness goals so you are clear about the next steps needed to take action.


  • Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of hands-off (or light touch) bodywork that can instill a sense of peace and calm and deepen your connection to your body before starting your workout.  


Like the look of the session, but not interested in Reiki?  Consider a Diagnostic Consultation instead.


  • Assessment

Under the supervision of your coach, attempt 5 movement patterns to identify imbalances, compensation patterns, and weaknesses that could inhibit your success.


  • Natural movement fitness training

Guided by your goals and your needs, progress through movement patterns that build upon the foundation established in your assessment.


  • Trigger point self-massage

Using foam rollers and yoga tune up therapy balls, your coach will guide you through techniques to enhance movement quality and decrease discomfort.